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Book Conservation

Small Shipping Signal Notebook

After Conservation - Tape removed, cover and leaves repaired, supported sewing

Before Conservation - Pressure sentitive adhesive tape inside and out, cover in 3 pieces


Textile Binding - Westmorland Collection

A book of advice to children is an embroidered book containing family advice and notes from the 1620s to the 1770s from generations of the Apethorpes family.

Before Conservation

After Conservation

The textile cover remained insitu and was repaired along the spine and at the corners

A bespoke box was made for it to protect the delicate textile

Fencing Manual (I.33) - Late 12th - Early 13th Century

Manuscript on parchment with a much later (19th-20th century) binding that was damaging the original material

Before Conservation

Historical repair was inflexible

Historical repair removed

A burst pipe had resulted in waterstaining of these unbound textblocks

They were surface cleaned, washed, deacidified, resized and flattened to reduce the staining and improve the strength of the paper


Old adhesive removed

Repair made with Japanese tissue toned to the colour of the parchment

The new binding with foredge tie in alum tawed

Bespoke box

Washing Water Damaged Textblocks

Repairs were made to the parchment leaves where the bifolium had torn and old repairs had become inflexible

A new limp vellum cover was made to offer protection and allow for easy consultation

A bespoke box was made to house the new binding and the remains of the old binding


Before Conservation

After Conservation

Cloth covered case binding.

The paper was very brittle and delicate, the case had seperated from the textblock and the original sewing had fallen apart

"The Aquarium" by Gosse, Philip Henry. 1810-1888


After Conservation

Before Conservation

Surface cleaned, extensive paper repair, resewn and rebacked in blue cloth


Instruction For The Conduct Of the Ships Of War, 1795

Before Conservation - Extensive mould damage, missing leather corners and spine, very fragile paper

After Conservation - Textblock consolidated and repaired, boards repaired, new leather spine and